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For reasons independent from the organiser, the date of the premiere of the International Video Art Review THE 03 will take place on October 24-25, 2015. Consequently, the deadline for applications has been extended until April 1, 2015. We have received over 1000 submissions from artists from all around the world. We are still waiting for more upcoming interesting applications.

Submit work for the International Video Art Review THE 03. Selected works will be shown during planned screenings. The official language for all activities and correspondence is English.

The open call is open to graduated artists and students of art colleges, universities and academies. Videos made not earlier than 1 January 2012 are eligible for the application. The preferred length of video works is up to 7 minutes, although videos up to 15 minutes in length will be considered. The final deadline for submitting the application form for the first stage is 1 April 2015. Artists whose works are admitted to the final will be notified by email and the information will also be published on the organiser’s webpage.

All fields of the form need to be filled in. After submitting a valid application form you will receive a confirmation email.

[ fill text into form or upload PDF, DOC, ODF, max 2MB ]
Upload [ fill URL to website or links to video files with passwords into form or upload PDF, max 10MB ]
Upload [ fill text into form or upload PDF, DOC, ODF, max 2MB ]
[ fill URL to video on Vimeo or Youtube, in case of video protected with password, please fill it in the application form ]

I am aware of and agree with the text of the call for entries to the INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART REVIEW THE 03. By proceeding with this registration, I agree with the terms and conditions of the Open Call.